Cantina delle Vigne di Piero Mancini – Olbia

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Piero Mancini

A granite passion

The story of Piero Mancini goes back a long way, to when he spent his childhood here in Gallura and fell in love with the place. His memories as a child are of days spent in the countryside with his grand-parents looking after the family’s vineyards.
Some years later, in the 60s, the well-known and respected dentist in Cagliari decides to listen to the call that his land of Gallura has always sent to him.
He starts his adventure in the wine-producing world by planting the first vines and gaining experience as the head of some prestigious Sardinian wineries.
In the meantime, vineyards started to expand and with them Piero Mancini’s passion, experience and desire to dare.
In 1989, he achieved his dream with the opening of his Cantina delle Vigne, in front of the Gulf of Olbia. The activity of grape production was therefore added to vinification and wine bottling.
The first wines bearing his label were born with a production philosophy based on the complex “Climate-Soil-Vineyard” trio, aware of the important possibility of obtaining high quality grapes, which combined the best in terms of the peculiarities and uniqueness of the local area of origin.
It was an immediate success. His culture and entrepreneurial spirit directed production towards high quality wines that obtained well-deserved success, ranking at the top on the island and national market.
Thanks to his work and the job done by those who continue it, Piero Mancini’s Cantina delle Vigne is today a solid reality with wines ranking among the best of Sardinia, known and appreciated all over the world.

La nostra storia è scritta nella terra

Passo dopo passo per far crescere un sogno

La prima vigna


Piero Mancini acquista i primi ettari di vigneto in Gallura

La prima vendemmia


Con la prima vendemmi inizia l'attività dell'azienda

Il primo vino Mancini


È un Vermentino il primo vino che Piero Mancini mette sul mercato con la propria etichetta

I primi riconoscimenti


Arrivano i primi riconoscimenti del mondo del vino al lavoro di Piero Mancini

Il primo Mancini a sbarcare oltreoceano


Anche negli Stati Uniti i vini di Piero Mancini vengono apprezzati

Le prime bollicine


Nasce il primo spumante da uve vermentino firmato Mancini