Cantina delle Vigne di Piero Mancini – Olbia

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A lifelong dream

Producing wines is similar to playing in an orchestra. Every single member has a defined role that is fundamental to the success of the entire music piece.
And it is the same in our company: every family member is an important tile in the mosaic that defines our identity as it has been taught to us.
Piero Mancini’s dream started a long time ago, when his desire to go back to his homeland encouraged him to pursue this adventure alongside his wife Marisa – a crucial member of the family who has constantly supported him – to chase and achieve an idea: to find again that link with his homeland and plant vines in Gallura.

The people behind the wine

From soil to bottle: a bond that is linking us forever

Every family member has a role in the company: Antonio deals with the technical and productive side of the business. Thanks to his tenacity, every single day he prevents the complex machine operation for wine vinification and bottling from stopping. Being a precise engineer, he is also trusted with the administrative side. The agronomist Alessandro has replaced his father Piero in managing vineyards with modern and innovative techniques in order to produce wines with an increasingly high quality and integrity. He also deals with the commercial side by collaborating with partners in developing the sales network in Sardinia, in the rest of Italy and abroad. Laura is responsible for marketing & communications, and deals with hospitality at the Balajana estate. Marisa contributes to the company’s development by offering her precious advice.

Marisa Paulis Mancini

Wife of Piero Mancini, who contributes to the company’s development by offering her precious advice.

Laura Mancini

Head of Marketing & Communications.

Alessandro Mancini

Head of Commercial and Agronomic Area.

Antonio Mancini

Head of Administration and Production.